Onimusha Warlords Gameplay Trailer

Onimusha Warlords Gameplay Trailer Released

Capcom has just released a brand-new Onimusha Warlords gameplay trailer. The Japanese developer is gearing towards the January 15, 2019 release date of the HD port of the PS2 classic on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The new trailer gives us a detailed look at the action gameplay of the title and a good look at its new HD graphics.

You’ll be slicing, dicing, and stabbing all sorts of demons in Onimusha Warlords, and this new gameplay trailer gives a good look at the game, including some special attacks and a boss battle. Watch the Onimusha Warlords gameplay trailer below, via an official Capcom USA tweet:

Onimusha Warlords originally released on PS2 back in 2001. It tasked you with fighting off hordes of deadly demons in Inabayama Castle. You have to save the castle and its princess in classic action gameplay somewhere between Ninja Gaiden and old-school Resident Evil. The game quickly became a cult classic, and now, Capcom are bringing it back for modern audiences.

Capcom confirmed the HD port in August. Not content with a simple HD porting of the original game, Capcom are adding in a host of upgrades. you’ll be able to play the game in its original 4:3 format, or in a new widescreen view. You can change this at any time during the game on the options menu. To go alongside the new widescreen option and updated graphics, Capcom have upgraded the camera this time around, even giving players the option to play the game with analogue sticks. A new soundtrack, voice overs, and easy mode also await players in the Onimusha Warlords HD port.

As this is an HD port of an old game, and not a full-on remaster, however, Capcom has confirmed that it will set us back only $19.99. It will be available both physically and digitally on PS4 and Xbox One in the States, but only digitally on the Switch and PC. Those of us in Europe, however, will only be able to buy the game digitally across all consoles.

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