Hitman 2 Ghost Mode Is a 1v1 Multiplayer Showdown

IO Interactive has revealed Hitman 2 Ghost Mode. This new multiplayer playstyle is a 1v1 match against another player where you are both given the same target to eliminate. The game is a sequel to the episodic Hitman from 2016. The sequel will release in one full package, November 13, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The new Hitman 2 Ghost Mode will pit two players against each other to take out one target. Rather than racing to the kill in one distinct session, the two assassins will inhabit “separate realities” according to a trailer for the mode. This translates in the game as your opponent appearing in your world as a ghostly Agent 47. Both players will have the same starting point, time, equipment, and target. However, after the first elimination in a game, a new one will be randomly selected for each participant.

This means that you will need to traverse to vastly different parts of the map before your opponent gets to their target. If they do get to theirs first, you will have a limited amount of time to eliminate your own. However, spotted kills do not contribute towards your score. The first player to reach five eliminations will win the game. Hitman 2 Ghost Mode will follow the usual franchise formula where you will need to stealthily obtain weapons and outfits to be able to take out your target unnoticed. You can check out the trailer for the mode below.

As mentioned prior, Hitman 2 will be released November 13 of this year. Our preview of the E3 2018 notes that the game “is a tremendous playground” that allows for many possibilities for target eliminations, and so multiple playthroughs. In addition to this, the game will have six locations to choose from at launch. However, DLC will add many other maps, including some old areas from the previous entry in the franchise.