Hitman 2 Confirmed to Have Six Locations

IO Interactive’s upcoming Hitman 2 is shaping up to be excellent. Fans of Agent 47’s first season look to be in for a treat when Hitman 2 releases on November 13th. The Hitman 2 E3 demo had it all: a sprawling level, stupid outfits, and even a fish. We can’t wait for the Hitman 2 release date, and now, the waiting has been made harder. IO has confirmed that Hitman 2 will feature six locations at launch. What are the Hitman 2 locations? We might have the answer to that.

Speaking to VG24/7, IO Interactive confirmed that there are six Hitman 2 locations. At least, there will be six upon the game’s launch:

“We have six confirmed locations that will be immediately playable when Hitman 2 launches on 13 November 2018, and there will be multiple missions available within each location.”

It is interesting that IO has confirmed that Hitman 2 will launch with six locations. This suggests that perhaps we will see more Hitman 2 locations further down the line. For now, at least, we know that in each of these six locations, we’ll be playing through multiple missions. The likes of campaign missions, Elusive Targets, Escalation Contracts, and player created Contracts will all be playable when Hitman 2 releases.

Where are the six Hitman 2 locations? So far, we only know one. Miami will be a playable level. We did write, however, about a rumor a little while back which seemingly leaked the locations we’ll be sneaking around. Indeed, the post in question not only gives Miami as a location but also lists six in total. The leak suggests that alongside Miami, Agent 47 will be visiting: New Zealand, Colombia, Mumbai, the USA, and the North Atlantic.

While the locations above are a touch vague, the fact that six were leaked, and we know now that we’ll be visiting six Hitman 2 locations, makes the initial leak all the more real. We don’t have long to find out where we’ll be playing Hitman 2, as it releases November 13, 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.