Rumor: Hitman 2 Missions and Locations Leaked

With IO Interactive’s Hitman 2 right around the corner (November 13, 2018), speculation is rife the locations we’ll be rendezvousing on with Agent 47. Just where exactly will we be sneaking around? An interesting image has appeared on Reddit that may detail exactly this. The Hitman 2 locations leaked look entertaining.

Now, without a proper source, the image (which is little more than a bevy of code) should not be taken as definite. A pinch of salt is needed with this one. Nevertheless, whatever the source, it is certainly an interesting list of locales. I mean, who doesn’t want an excuse to visit New Zealand?

Hitman 2 Missions and Locations Leaked: Where Might we be Sneaking Around With Agent 47?

The code suggests that the places have something to do with animals. Perhaps the mission codenames are based on animals? It certainly sounds real enough. The settings listed are as follows:
  • Season 2: Sheep (New Zealand)
  • Season 2: Flamingo (Miami)
  • Season 2: Hippo (Colombia)
  • Season 2: Mongoose (Mumbai)
  • Season 2: Skunk (USA)
  • Season 2: Magpie (North Atlantic)
While it all sounds feasible enough, there are some inconsistencies here. Why would the mission locales be as vague as “USA” and “North Atlantic”? Before these, we see “New Zealand” and “Colombia”, so as vague as a country is fine, but when the code is as detailed as listing “Miami”, the USA just seems too vague. The same goes for North Atlantic.
Perhaps, however, the mission areas have yet to be finalized. You could easily point to the November release date to debunk this, however. You’d think that a game releasing in November would have details such as mission locales finalized by now. Despite this, it could be a curveball thrown in by the developers. Maybe they knew the code would be found and didn’t want to completely spoil everything.
Whatever the case, it won’t be long before we find out exactly where we’ll be taking out targets in Hitman 2. Hitman 2 releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC November 13, 2018.