Moonlighter Adventure Update Adds New Weapons, New Game Plus

Developer Digital Sun haven’t rested since releasing Moonlighter, a procedural RPG where you explore ruins and tend shop in a bustling small town. The studio has been squashing bugs and adding requested features since it came out in May 2018. Earlier this week, Digital Sun released the Moonlighter Adventure Update, a free content drop that adds new items, new weapons, and New Game Plus.

The biggest change in Moonlighter‘s Adventure Update is the addition of New Game Plus. If you’ve already played through Moonlighter‘s twelve-hour campaign, you know that it’s hard to grind out every weapon update. New Game Plus lets you put those hard-earned blades to good use against a more challenging set of enemies and bosses.

Thankfully, with new challenges come new rewards. The Moonlighter Adventure Update also includes two new item types for you to sell or utilize. Pirate weapons come from another dimension and bring elemental powers with them. Amulets are powerful artifacts that bring great rewards alongside equally great drawbacks. Both these classifications of loot will only show up during a New Game Plus run.

Outside of new content, there are a few more quality of life changes. All of Moonlighter now supports multiple save slots, a feature requested by players and their siblings alike. The game also lets you sell items in the dungeon must faster thanks to a UI change with the magic mirror. There are also plenty of minor tweaks and bug fixes to look over on the game’s Steam page.

The Moonlighter Adventure Update isn’t the end of the road for this indie darling. The 2018 roadmap for the game reveals that there will be added companions, custom game sliders, and new item effects. The developer is also teasing big news for after this roadmap sometime in 2019 but, for now, those updates are a mystery.