Call of Duty Endowment Places 50,000 Veterans into Jobs

Activision Blizzard’s Call of Duty Endowment veterans program is a non-profit charity organization that sought to place 50,000 veterans into meaningful employment. Today, October 15, the organization announced that it had achieved its goal well ahead of schedule.

The Call of Duty Endowment announced today that it has reached its goal of placing 50,000 veterans into jobs ahead of schedule

— Call of Duty News • (@charlieINTEL) October 15, 2018

charlieINTEL reported that the Call of Duty Endowment had reached its goal earlier today. However, the Endowment has already announced that it plans to double down on its goals, stating that it will seek to place another 50,000 veterans into meaningful employment by 2024. So far, the program has found jobs for veterans at a diverse range of multinational companies, such as Amazon, Apple, Deloitte, Microsoft, and Nike.

CEO of Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick, who co-founded the Endowment, had the following to say:

“The Call of Duty Endowment has exceeded expectations and continues to benefit the lives of veterans and their families, significantly giving back to those who sacrificed for others. With U.S. and U.K. veteran unemployment and underemployment challenges persisting, I am thrilled to advance our efforts with a new, ambitious goal of securing employment for 100,000 veterans by 2024.”

The Endowment has achieved all of its goals so far earlier than scheduled. In 2009, when the Endowment was founded, it announced its goal to place 25,000 veterans into jobs by 2018. After achieving this within two years, the initiative immediately doubled down, stating that it would place a total of 50,000 veterans by 2019.

Now that this goal has also been met, the Endowment has once again sought to place more veterans into work, planning to have placed a total of 100,000 veterans by 2024. If this is achieved ahead of schedule, the Endowment will have placed 100,000 veterans into new and meaningful employment within 15 years.