Star Citizen Event Causes Huge Surge in Crowdfunding

A recent Star Citizen event led to a huge surge in crowdfunding fees for the still in-development title. CitizenCon 2018 was held on Wednesday, October 10, and the annual convention created a massive spike in funds for the game’s development. In a single 24-hour period, Star Citizen‘s developer Cloud Imperium Games netted almost $400,000 (£300,000) to continue work on the much-hyped title.

The amount of money raised for Star Citizen can be viewed on its official website. Heading to the funding goals page allows backers to see how much money has been raised for the game so far. As can be seen for October 10, $379,254 (around £288,000) was made in one day. That is a 1700% increase on the $21,000 that Star Citizen had raked in on October 8 and 9 respectively.

To prove just how crucial CitizenCon has been to Star Citizen‘s swelling coffers, $307,716 (around £234,000) was made on the following day as well. Around $200,000(£152,000) was also made in the three days after October 11 too, which proves that Star Citizen still had enough pulling power almost four days after CitizenCon had ended. That extra cash injection has now seen almost $200 million, thanks to 2.1 million players, forked over to fund Star Citizen, which is an astronomical amount of cash to be stumped up through this method.

CitizenCon is an annual live event that celebrates Star Citizen‘s announcement by bringing together Cloud Imperium Games and the game’s fans. The latest event showed off some new features and improvements to the game, including the incorporation of face tracking. A new trailer for the game’s story mode – Squadron 42 – was unveiled at the event too, with an all-star cast of Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderon, Gary Oldman, and other shown off as in-game characters. Finally, new Star Citizen gameplay was debuted on an entirely new planet called Horville. Star Citizen is in development for PC, and currently has no official release date.