Street Fighter Cologne

Street Fighter Cologne Makes You Smell Like a Hadouken

Finally, the world of high-end fragrances and dragon punches meet. Everlast is announcing a partnership with Capcom to produce two limited edition Street Fighter cologne mixtures inspired by the franchise. The two fragrances are “ELECTRIC POWER, Hadouken” and “FIRE ATTACK, Shoryuken” and will be around $30. These perfumes come in boxing glove-shaped bottles which is a “reference to the strong connection between the brand and the universe of fights.”

Both concoctions go on sale today in Brazil. RR Perfumes states in the press release that the “Brazilian touch can be seen in the seal of authenticity, represented with Blanka, a Brazilian character.” Everlast is included in the deal by providing the virtual gloves of Ryu, Ken, Sagat, and Balrog. Each fragrance depicts “two combats between characters of “good” and “evil” on its packaging.

RR goes on to describe both aromas in great detail. The Hadouken scent features citrus and spices “united in a powerful and refreshing blow.” It promises to be electrifying, with “marine chords” that “increase electric charges triggering even more excitement for the final battle.” The Shoryuken option combines woods and spices that bring “a powerful wave of heat” and the “burning and spicy herbal nuances instigate competition and fire the final battle.”

Marketing Director for RR Perfumes Olindo Junior expressed his joy in bringing Street Fighter into the world of potpourri and stated that it has a “rich content that reaches a very diverse audience.” He also said that he had confidence that the fragrance “will have a great acceptance both by the geek public and by the perfumery lovers.”

It’s unclear if these scents will remain exclusive to Brazil or branch out to American shores eventually. Either way, they join the Burger King Whopper fragrance and the official Destiny 2 scented candles in the silly marketing hall of fame.

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