Relax and Decompress With These Destiny 2 Candles

What do you think about when you think of Destiny 2? The Crucible? Multiplayer? Bungie? How about candles? Now the most dedicated fans can get their hands on specially scented candles meant to recall the fragrances from the world of Destiny 2 itself. Yes, actual candles. That you can buy!

By way of Numskull, you can pick out a candle or two from a series of official Destiny 2 candles, with a small Ghost candle holder to top it all off. Choose from Earth’s Spinmetal, which is a combined scent of cedarwood and sandalwood. Then there’s the Moon’s Helium Filaments, or smoky scents of amber and vanilla. Mars’ Relic Iron has flowers, tuberose and jasmine. Lastly, Venus’ Spirit Blook has citrus mandarin and bergamot and The Dreadnought’s Wormspore features woody and mossy tone with citrus.

Honestly, these all sound like perfectly serviceable candles, even if it’s an unorthodox item for gamers to want to purchase and enjoy based on a game they might enjoy. I can see how Pop Tarts and Monster energy drinks might be a bizarre combination, but they make sense in the context of those who play the game and because they’re commodities everyone enjoys. Candles are a more specific sort that aim for a different kind of audience, but hey — I’m not gonna lie. I’d probably take a few of these home. My Pumpkin Pie candle is slowly wearing down and it’s about time I change it out.

Not into Destiny 2 candles? Maybe Nintendo will take the initiative to create some delicious scents based on its classic properties. Mario could be a spicy cherry scent, and Luigi limes and enticing citrus. Hey, make it happen, Nintendo! You’ve got a potential buyer here.