Rocket League Mario Kart Map Mod Adds Yoshi Circuit

A Rocket League Mario Kart map mod project has officially crowned Yoshi Circuit as the first classic Mario Kart course to be modded into the game. You’d be hard-pressed to assume the map was available on Rocket League on Nintendo Switch by default just by catching a glimpse of the screenshot, but this isn’t a map multiplatform players will be able to snap up and add to their game.

Posted to Reddit, modder Thanrek announced that work on the Rocket League Mario Kart map mod of Yoshi Circuit was complete, promising a release “soon”. The map still isn’t available at the time of writing this article, but eager PC players can likely expect to see it do well on the game’s Most Popular filter within the Steam Workshop when it does arrive.

Not many details pertaining to the map itself were revealed through the completion post, but the design remaining true to the original suggests the Rocket League Mario Kart map mod of Yoshi Circuit hasn’t is a proper remake rather than a viable Rocket League re-imagining built to support the game’s soccer-style scoring system. You won’t magically find a true race mechanic built into this map, but Thanrek also promised to link to a few guides to splice the feature in once the map goes live.

These kinds of maps are made possible through the Steam Workshop tools available to PC users, making the Rocket League Mario Kart map mod a PC-only affair. You won’t be able to compliment the map by swapping your car for an authentic Mario Kart vehicle with the search result pulling nothing from the Steam Workshop just yet, but expect someone to do the heavy lifting should this Rocket League Mario Kart map mod prove popular.

And yes, you can knock people into the water (and take the waterfall shortcut). It might be a way to check out Mario Kart VR before the game makes a wider debut.