Taco Bell Xbox One X Competition Announced

Taco Bell Xbox Onecompetition has been announced by the fast food chain. The contest, which sees customers ordering a specific item and then given a code, will run from October 18 through to November 21.

The Taco Bell Xbox One X isn’t your bog-standard console, though. It is a limited edition Platinum version of the console and won’t be obtainable anywhere else on the planet.

The bundle will also come with three months of Xbox Live Gold, three months of Xbox Game Pass, and a white Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. The console will also make the iconic Taco Bell bell noise upon startup.  To participate in the contest, entrants will need to purchase a $5 Chalupa Box. As previously mentioned, players will receive a code. which they will then need to text to a listed number.

Winners will be chosen every 10 minutes, with a delivery of the console happening “as early as 72 hours” according to the official website for the competition. The website also notes that an individual does not have to purchase a meal from Taco Bell to enter. An alternative, and free, option is to mail in a request for codes to the company’s P.O. box. The fast-food chain will then email a code to the prospective entrant. Participants can only receive a code this way 32 times. That’s a lot of Chalupa Boxes.

Contestants must reside within the United States and be over 18 to enter the competition. Microsoft has provided a short video showcasing the limited edition console, which you can view below.

This will be only the second color-variation for Microsoft’s console that has been made available. Earlier this year, the Washington State-based company revealed a ‘Robot White’ version of the system. It will only be available in a bundle with Fallout 76 and will release on November 14.