The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 and 4 Release Date Coming ‘Soon’ but ‘Not Currently Being Worked On’

The Telltale saga has thrown The Walking Dead The Final Season in for a bit of a loop. After being canceled and then revived, it was unlikely that the remaining two episodes were going to hit their predetermined launches. But Skybound Games CEO Ian Howe confirmed today in a Reddit AMA that the new The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 and 4 release dates are coming, despite the game not currently being in active development due to “ongoing legal discussions.”

Many users in the AMA asked about the new launch dates for the rest of The Final Season, making it difficult to avoid the question. Howe responded directly to user VercingetorixF2 about the Episode 3 and 4 release dates and associated delays, but didn’t give an exact time period.

“So I would guess this is everyone’s number one question… I can’t give you a definitive answer at the moment,” he admitted. “What I can say is that the team is not currently working on the game and until we’re back into production, it’s going to be nearly impossible to give an accurate answer.”

He later went to say that he hopes Episode 3 will be out this year ad will be “very disappointed” if it isn’t. But while Howe asserts that the team will be working at the game at some point, he doesn’t know exactly when that is. Reddit user mrblackop714 asked when the team’s first day would be and Howe admitted that he wasn’t sure.

“The best answer I can give is as soon as possible,” he said. “We’re all desperate to get back into production and I wish it was less complicated, but we want to make sure people are taken care of and that we do [the] thing right.”

Howe also went on to explain how Skybound wasn’t keeping the release dates from us; they don’t even know when The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 3 and Episode 4 will come out.

“What I can say is that we will announce new dates as soon as we know what they are, there is no reason for us to hold that information back,” he said, “so it will be public immediately that we can talk about it with confidence.”

The situation over at Telltale and Skybound is mysterious to everyone on the outside and, given the answers, it seems almost as mysterious on the inside too. However, while their statements may not illuminate much, transparency is crucial in times like this.