Yoshida Wants A FFXIV Game of Thrones Crossover

A FFXIV Game of Thrones crossover could happen if game producer Naoki Yoshida ever gets his wish. Reflecting on the last five years of the FFXIV revival, Yoshida finally let slide which franchises he’d like to see the world of Eorzea join forces with next after the genre-mashing crossover with Capcom’s Monster Hunter World earlier this year.

In an interview with MonsterVine, several key members of the FFXIV dev team spoke in detail about memorable challenges faced while working on the game. Square Enix’s now-thriving MMO got off to a disastrous start back in 2010, but the staff shake-up, which saw Naoki Yoshida brought in to oversee a complete overhaul of the game, resulted in a title that has since welcomed over 14 million players over the last five years.

When asked which franchise he would like to see cross into the MMO in the future, Yoshida outlined two of his favorite franchises; Game of Thrones, and any of Blizzard’s IPs. So would that mean a FFXIV Game of Thrones crossover is on the cards? Probably not.

Although the worlds of FFXIV and Game of Thrones share plenty of similarities in regards to tone and story content (you could argue the Heavensward expansion takes a lot of inspiration from the Song of Ice and Fire series), a FFXIV Game of Thrones crossover would almost certainly have to be a two-way thing going by the pattern set by the FFXIII, Dragon Quest, and Monster Hunter FFXIV crossovers observed in the past, and we can’t quite imagine a Chocobo, Cactuar, or even Bahamut itself roaming around Westeros any time soon.

As for a FFXIV Blizzard crossover event, that one feels a little more likely. The first few Final Fantasy XIV crossovers have been with other Square Enix IP with a few brand deals in placed like 7-Eleven along the way, but the recent Monster Hunter World crossover finally saw Square Enix play along with a series from another publisher.

Given Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft could be seen as bitter rivals at this point, we’re not sure Blizzard would be quite so eager to endorse their competition. But with the lines of console crossplay blurring more and more over the last few months, who’s to say something similar can’t happen here.