Infliction Releases on Steam With Terrifying New Trailer

We are halfway through October and the month has been surprisingly void of good horror titles. One-man developer Caustic Reality plans to change that with its debut game, InflictionInfliction releases on Steam today with a terrifying new trailer showcasing the scares you can expect. 

Infliction’s launch trailer is best enjoyed with the lights out and headphones on. Creepy imagery teases the focus on story and puzzle solving while a haunting rendition of “Hush Little Baby” is softly sung throughout.

Infliction is a first person, indie horror game funded by a Kickstarter campaign. The trailer above as well as the free demo on Steam shows a lot of promise for fans of the horror genre. Infliction takes place entirely within a suburban family home that is twisted into a dark and tragic nightmare. You are tasked with finding various clues and artifacts throughout the game in order to vanquish the demon that terrorizes your every move.

Infliction seems to take some inspiration from the infamously cancelled Silent Hills demo, P.T., as well as titles like Gone Home and Layers of Fear. Little Easter eggs and references are hidden throughout the house paying homage to horror movies, shows, games, and books and show that the game’s creator, Clinton McCleary, has a reverence for the horror genre. Impressively, McClearly developed most of the game entirely on his own within the Unreal 4 game engine.

“The story is a very personal one, full of fears that sparked when I became a father for the first time,” McCleary commented in a press release. “I wanted to bring a true feeling of unease and gradual horror to the game, inspired by the level of detail and sense of place felt in titles like Gone Home. Infliction touches on many intense issues and focuses on creating personal tension, so I look forward to seeing more players experience the dark world that has been crafted here.”

Infliction is out today on Steam for a week-long sale price of $17.99, just in time for Halloween. Look out for an interview with the game’s creator as well as our review in the next few days.