Just Dance Online Switching Off for Legacy Titles

Just Dance online experiences are about to be turned Just Dance offline! If you’re still playing Just Dance online on previous generation consoles, the party’s almost over. Ubisoft recently updated their “Online Services Update Masterlist,” putting a hard end date on online functionality for a handful of their older titles. The vast majority of games affected in this round are Just Dance titles. This includes several versions of the latest iteration in the series. Other affected franchises include Assassin’s CreedRayman, and Splinter Cell. All of these titles will lose their online functionality on November 19, 2018.

The full list of affected titles is reproduced below.

Ubisoft explains that only single-player content from these games will remain available after the cut-off date. For single-player only games, all in-game news and player stats will become inoperable. In addition, All UPlay rewards and points related to these titles will be disabled. Ubisoft does note that you’ll be able to unlock rewards for the game even though the service is inoperable. They recommend contacting customer service for a refund if you end up spending your Units frivolously.

Despite this news looking like a Just Dance online shutdown for previous-gen consoles, that’s not totally true. The latest game in the Just Dance series, Just Dance 2019, will release on all current and past-gen systems. This includes both the Wii U and the Wii, meaning that the game will release on three generations of Nintendo hardware simultaneously. So, if you’re itching for a Wiimote groove with your friends, you’ll just need to pick that game up when it debuts on October 23.