Dynasty Warriors 9 Co-Op Mode Reportedly Revealed

A Dynasty Warriors 9 co-op mode is reportedly set to be released on October 23. The game’s latest patch is expected to land tomorrow, and bring some intriguing changes with it. Chief among the update is the inclusion of a two player co-op function, with online and local splitscreen available to select.

The news comes courtesy of Famitsu, who revealed the news about the update on Monday. The story claimed that there would be restrictions imposed on players with regards to distance. Two players will be able to move around as freely as they like up to a certain point, but no word was given on how far apart this would be. The game’s co-op mode allows gamers to play with friends or strangers, but doesn’t allow for cross-platform play.

Additionally, a free Dynasty Warriors 9 demo, complete with the co-op feature, is said to be getting released on November 1. The demo will let players try out the online co-op mode with their friends, as well as select up to three characters from the game’s 83-strong list to play as in campaign mode. Dynasty Warriors 9 players will only be given a select amount of time to try the demo, before they are asked if they want to buy the full release. Trophies and achievements will also not be unlockable during the demo, and it is unknown if the patch will be released worldwide or only in Asian markets.

Koei Tecmo also apparently revealed plans to release new DLC packages for the game. Starting in November, the developer will support the title for six months with additional content, though there is no indication on what this extra content will be. Dynasty Warriors 9 tells the story of acclaimed Chinese novel The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and is out now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.