Party Hard 2 Gameplay

Party Hard 2 Hits the Stage with Twitch Level Integration

Just in time for Halloween, it’s time to slip on the hockey mask. Party Hard 2 is the bloodstained sequel to Pinokl Games’ stealthy killing spree simulator. Possessing one of four characters who just want to get some sleep, Party Hard 2 tasks you with sneaking around a celebration and putting an end to it at any cost. The game upgrades to 3D visuals over the original’s sprite work, but that’s not the only thing that’s new. Even if you’re just watching on Twitch, Party Hard 2 gives you the right tools for the job.

If you’re watching a streamer play on Twitch, you’re no longer an idle viewer. Votes in the chat will give the players items that could hurt or help his mission. If you’re feeling mean, you can vote towards placing extra guards or bouncers in a player’s path. If you’re in the rare Twitch chat that’s feeling generous, you can slip in a power weapon instead. Maybe a bolt cutter suspiciously close to a puddle of water. You’ll want to see why you don’t throw a toaster in the tub.

In Party Hard 2, combining items and opportunity is the order of the day. A new crafting system lets you scrounge up your own weapons of destruction. Be it a Molotov cocktail or a flaming can of gasoline, you’ll find what you need to make it work. If you want to be less explosive, that’s rad too. Just get a partygoer drunk, bribe one gang to fight another, and then slip out the back and let the chaos sort itself out. Whatever method you take, you’ll be working towards certain objectives that can unlock you new tools for your next run through the level.

Party Hard 2 follows in the wake of the original Party Hard, as well as the Early Access Party Tycoon. Published by TinyBuild, Party Hard 2 is PC exclusive and will debut on October 25 on Steam.

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