Black Ops 4 Server Update – Still Not as Good as Beta

Black Ops 4 server update occurred yesterday, October 23, as Treyarch sought to address claims that they had consciously rigged the multiplayer servers to function at a lesser capacity to those of last month’s Black Ops 4 beta. However, despite the update slightly improving the Black Ops 4 servers, they are still not quite what they were during the game’s beta stage.

CharlieIntel has reported that the Client Update Rate in Black Ops 4 was increased from 20 Hz to 30 Hz as part of this patch. However, this is still substantially lower than that of the Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Beta, which featured a Client Update Rate of 60 Hz, close to Overwatch‘s 63 Hz.

Treyarch may have increased the strength of the Black Ops 4 servers, but they’re still not functioning quite as well as they should be, as many users over at the Black Ops 4 subreddit are still regularly reporting instances of crashing and disconnecting, as well as annoying bugs and glitches.

Treyarch made the following statement on Reddit in tandem with the patch:

As of today, we have completed the first phase of planned changes to network configuration in targeted locations. We are carefully monitoring overall performance to ensure that these updates are working as expected before completing the next phase of updates.

As this is only the first phase of changing the network configuration for Black Ops 4, it is likely that further adjustments will be made in order to increase the stability of the game’s servers. However, Treyarch proceeded to note that remedying the situation won’t take immediate effect:

It’s important that we roll out updates in a carefully staged process, as changes to networking infrastructure can potentially produce both positive and negative effects, and we need to monitor every update closely. The stability and performance of the game for the entire community is always our top priority, and we’re continuing to work to sustain the smooth performance of the game’s launch throughout its opening weeks.

Black Ops 4 may not be operating at full capacity at present, but it seems that Treyarch is on the case and will be launching further updates down the line in order to support Blackout, Multiplayer, and Zombies.