Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Adds Two New Titles

The Xbox One backwards compatibility ranks have been swollen after two new games were added to its library. LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy and Tropico 4 are the latest games to be given the treatment by Microsoft. Both are now playable on Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X platforms.

The announcement was made via a report from GameSpot, although no official confirmation has been made by Microsoft yet. The two games, which are on sale in the Xbox Store for $15 (£11.50) and $10 (£7.75) respectively, join the roster of other titles that Microsoft have made available to play on Xbox One platforms.

LEGO Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy is the sequel to the first LEGO Star Wars game, which drew critical acclaim for its humorous take on the franchise. LEGO Star Wars 2 comprises of episodes IV, V, and VI, and was initially released in September 2006. LEGO game experts Traveller’s Tales developed the title, with LucasArts acting as the game’s publisher. It has sold over 2.65 million copies worldwide to date, with the vast majority of that figure thanks to its popularity in the US (1.85 million copies sold).

Tropico 4 is a simulation management game that was developed Haemimont Games. Players are tasked with keeping a politically unstable island nation together using a fully customizable “El Presidente” playable character. The game was released on Windows in August 2011, before it made its way to Xbox 360 two months later. Tropico 4 only shipped around 350,000 copies on Xbox 360, while there are no official sales figures for how well it did on PC. A collector’s bundle, containing all of the DLC for Tropico 4, is available to purchase on Steam and, whilst players can buy the standalone packs on Xbox 360 too, there’s no bundle pack to buy on consoles.