Super Meat Boy Race Mode Added for Eighth Anniversary

Has it really only been eight years since Super Meat Boy? This hardcore platformer was one of the early games along with Braid and Limbo that helped prove the viability of smaller indie titles. To celebrate the anniversary (and promote the upcoming Super Meat Boy Forever), Team Meat is bringing a new DLC out for the PC original. Super Meat Boy Race Mode comes to PC after debuting in the Switch version. Available now as a $5 add-on, this new mode offers up local multiplayer fun in several different variants.

Race Mode covers the entirety of the original Super Meat Boy. You can play through chapters in order all the way to the end credits. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, have the game call up random favorites one after the other.  Once you finish with the official levels, you can dive into community levels via Super Meat World. Team Meat will curate particularly good levels every so often if you need some guidance there. You can also call up random community creations by hitting “Enter the Unknown.” The developer warn that this could be completely broken for a few days until the algorithm catches up with the player base. So please, do be careful.

Race Mode looks to be a pretty faithful iteration of the mode from the Switch version of the game that released in January 2018. While Race Mode came as a standard feature in the Switch release, the added support for the level editor is new. As to whether Race Mode is coming to other platforms in any form, we’ll have to wait and see. The team is still working on Super Meat Boy Forever, a sequel which takes the gameplay of the original and transfers it onto an automatic runner. That game is still pegged for a 2018 release, so we should be hearing more sooner rather than later.