MediEvil PS4 Is A Full Remake With a Trailer Coming Halloween

Sony dropped a number of details for the MediEvil PS4 remake in a recent podcast. The MediEvil PS4 remake will be a full remake of the original PlayStation game, and is being developed by Other Ocean Interactive. PlayStation will have a trailer for MediEvil on Halloween.

PlayStation Blogcast Episode 311 brought Sony’s Shawn Layden on to detail the MediEvil remake for PS4. The remake was revealed at PSX 2017, with a short teaser trailer. That teaser reintroduced the main character, Sir Daniel Fortesque, and MediEvil‘s peculiar brand of humor. MediEvil PS4 will have members of the original team (SCE Cambridge) working on the title. The remake is based on the original art and design.

Other Ocean Interactive is basing the remake on the PS1 version of MediEvil, unlike other PS4 remasters like Parappa the Rapper which was running in a PSP emulator. Teases from earlier this week suggest that Sir Daniel Fortesque’s original voice actor would be coming back for the remake. Layden spoke about the game and made clear that it was, in fact, a remake.

“This is a remake. We’ve taken the original game design, a lot of the key art, attributes, and design ethos—and we’re working with a developer called Other Ocean Interactive and they’re remaking MediEvil in that design. The original MediEvil from the PS1,” he said. “We’re working with some of the talent that was originally associated with the title 20 years ago.”

The relevant portion of the Blogcast starts around the 16:45 mark. Layden was asked if any other PS1 classics would be getting a similar treatment. Sony has released a number of remakes this generation, including Ratchet & Clank and Shadow of the Colossus. Layden didn’t say if Sony was working on anything else in that vein.

MediEvil was released in October 1998 for the PlayStation. The action-adventure title was heavily influenced by the visual style of The Nightmare Before Christmas. We liked the game a lot when it released in ’98, and gave it a 4.5 out of 5.