Grab “Difficult” Shooter CrownFall Free Through Steam

You can grab self-proclaimed difficult shooter CrownFall free as of today through Steam. The indie titled announced plans to drop its past price tag late last week with the game’s publisher writing the statement on behalf of developer EncahntedLands(LegendaryTaler).

Released over a year ago in mid-August 2017, CrownFall is a top-down shooter that plays similar to that of an action-RPG like Diablo. Players are challenged to “overcome overwhelming bosses one after another”, but are continuously warned throughout the game’s About page that “it will never be easy”

No part of the CrownFall free news announcement makes any mention of how the game will support itself going forward, suggesting no kind of microtransaction feature is planned to be spliced in any time soon. Publisher Psychoflux Entertainment went on to apologize to past buyers for the sudden decision and that they “sincerely appreciate” the interest expressed by those who did pick it up in the past. Anyone unhappy with the decision was encouraged by the publisher to use Steam’s refund policy so long as they fit the usual criteria (typically fewer than 2 hours of play time).

Clocking in at under 1GB and apparently playable on systems running the non-existent GTX 270 GPU (which would have been part of 2011’s Tesla-based GPU family), the game isn’t much of a looker. Garnering only 12 reviews since its year on the market and earning an overall rating of “Mixed”, it might come as a surprise to see a number of users comment on the CrownFall news thread asking for a discount on the game’s collector’s edition.

For past buyers, nothing changes with the CrownFall free switch. It’s not a new game and doesn’t need to be republished on Steam, so it should still be part of Steam libraries if it already was before the change. Save data remains untouched, too. An update issued just days before offered some minor improvements to in-game graphics and damage timings.

CrownFall free can be picked up through Steam.