Sea of Thieves Shrouded Spoils Coming in November

The new Sea of Thieves Shrouded Spoils expansion will be out in November. Developer Rare detailed the upcoming expansion in a YouTube video. The Sea of Thieves Shrouded Spoils expansion follows September’s Forsaken Shores release.

Joe Neate, executive producer on Sea of Thieves, hosted the developer update to share details from the upcoming expansion. Shrouded Spoils is set to bring more ship customization, like cannon and ship wheel cosmetics. Another big change will be the introduction of volumetric fog throughout the game world. The addition of fog adds a nice new visual feature to the game, and one that will require players to utilize their ship’s crow’s nest more frequently. Rare is hoping that the fog will give the Sea of Thieves world an eerier feel, and make the game a bit tenser for players.

Sea of Thieves Shrouded Spoils is also adding new goals and objectives for pirate legends. Pirate legends are players that have achieved 50 reputation with all three factions in the game. The new commendations will expand the end-game for players at the level cap, and hopefully keep players engaged for a longer period of time.

Rare will also be appearing at X018 in mid-November to discuss future updates to Sea of Thieves. The developers plan to be on the November 10 Inside Xbox showcase that begins at 4 p.m. ET. Previous updates to the open seas pirating game brought weekly updates, several limited time campaign events, and skeleton-crewed pirate ships for players to fight and loot.

The open-world adventure released in March 2018, and has received numerous updates and expansions since its launch. We called it “extraordinarily under-cooked for a game of its magnitude” at launch. The tepid waters of Sea of Thieves netted it a 2.5/5 in our review. The game launched with a desolate open world, repetitive gameplay, and a general lack of content. Rare took these criticisms, among others, to heart and have been working to bring more life to Sea of Thieves since March.