Technocratic RTS Re-Legion Hitting Steam in Early 2019

When you think about RTS games, cyberpunk probably isn’t the aesthetic your mind jumps to. There’s plenty of sci-fi and war based games in the genre, but not many with that distinct corporate approved feel. Ice Code Games hopes to change that with Re-Legion. Take the strategy off the battlefield and onto the rooftops of a cyber city. This decidedly neon-drenched RTS is coming to Steam in early 2019.

The most striking thing about Re-Legion right is the way that you accrue units. You’re not creating up bases to train soldiers. Legendary heroes don’t join your fight. Instead you’re converting citizens into followers. You play as Elion, a prophet complete with a religion you can customize. As you build your following, you must arm your believers into war-ready units and take on anyone who dares blaspheme your chosen deity. You can convert or wipe out your enemies, but you’ll be gathering a sizable army of followers either way.

This theme of religious dominance runs through the entire experience. Upgrades unlock based on the dogmas you choose. You can hack buildings and advertisements to become propaganda for your faith. Praying increases a unit’s energy, enabling special attacks and abilities. The entire single-player experience will see your cult evolve from a small following to the dominant faith in this dark future.

1C Entertainment has announced that the isometric RTS Re-Legion will come out in early 2019. The game solely focuses on a single-player campaign at the moment, which might be a disappointment to hardcore fans of the genre. The developer said that it are open to adding a multiplayer component down the line but that depends on what the fans want and ask for. Let’s hope that this grim vision of the future turns out alright. It’s always easier to take on the darkness with a friend.