Smash Bros Ultimate Direct: Incineroar Heats Things Up

Incineroar has entered the fray. Introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Incineroar is the final form of the game’s fire starter. A pro wrestling specialist, Incineroar comes with plenty of flashy moves and powerful throws. You can see him in the Nintendo Direct using airplane spins and overhead suplexes to take out anyone who gets in his way.

Incineroar’s neutral special is Darkest Lariat, its signature move from the mainline Pokemon series. This is a spinning slash that can capture multiple fighters off guard. His side special sends opponents into the ropes after dashing to grab them. If you hit the attack button just as they return to you, you’ll nail a Clothesline From Hell-style lariat. Otherwise, you could just perform a Back Body Drop or watch as they stumble into you.

His recovery move is a flaming dive that could also easily send you plummeting to your doom. The down special is Revenge, which will absorb a single move and then enhance Incineroar’s next attack with additional power. In addition to everything else, he will strike a pose whenever he hits a successful move. He’s quite the boastful type.

Incineroar Posing

Max Malicious Moonsault is his final smash. Taking his opponent into a literal wrestling ring, Incineroar jumps up high and splashes down onto anyone unlucky enough to feel his wrath. It’s the same ring that Incineroar meets Ken in during the closing moments of his debut trailer.

Sadly, Incineroar’s entry into Super Smash Bros Ultimate disproves the “Grinch leak“, which included fighters like Banjo-Kazooie and Isaac. Fans will have to see if these or any other favorites will be joining the game via the announced Fighter’s Pass. This will include five additional fighters of the course of a year. Of course, purchasing the game early will also get you access to Piranha Plant, the game’s first downloadable character.