Fallout 76 Beta Feedback and Changes Detailed by Bethesda

With one more Fallout 76 beta session to come, Bethesda has announced changes it will make in the final release. Bethesda Game Studios thanked beta players, and outlined a list of issues it is investigating in the upcoming multiplayer-only Fallout in a Reddit post.

A post on the official Fallout 76 subreddit from Bethesda offered a lot of information regarding updates and changes for the title. Bethesda was relatively candid about why some things had not yet made it into the game. The developer also did not offer a time frame for anything brought up in the post, and also suggested some issues were immutable.

Ultra-wide support on PC, Push-to-Talk, larger stash sizes, and various exploits will be addressed by Bethesda after Fallout 76 launches. The developer is also looking into issues with the game’s social menu and playing in a group. An issue where the game’s “hunger” system was bugged and could not be replenished is also being addressed, along with several audio playback bugs.

One sticking point for Fallout 76 will be the lack of a Field of View (FoV) slider in the game. Bethesda pointed out that their previous games have never supported an FoV slider because altering that value can break animations and world cohesion. Players will be able to zoom out in the third-person camera, but Bethesda struck down the possibility of an FoV slider coming to Fallout 76.

The Fallout 76 beta has had four sessions thus far, with another scheduled for November 8 at 2-6PM Eastern. So far the beta has been rocky, with physics exploits, game-deleting bugs, and locked PC frame rates. The title is also releasing into a year bereft with massive games, and we’re worried open world fatigue will set in for players.

Bethesda announced the multiplayer-only Fallout at this year’s E3. The company plans to offer full mod support, custom servers, and will keep its own servers for the game running “forever.” Fallout 76 releases next week on November 14.