Battlefield 5 Launches A Day Early For Early Access Members

Although it isn’t scheduled to launch until tomorrow, it seems EA DICE’s Battlefield 5 launches early for early access members today. Premier and basic Origin EA Access subscribers can play the game from today onward, meaning that they’ll be able to play almost two weeks before the games launches on November 20.

Yesterday, we reported on how to play Battlefield 5 early, but it has since been revealed that you can play as early as today. While EA Access members were supposed to be granted access to the game from November 9 onward, the game is actually available right now.

Battlefield 5 is the highly-anticipated latest installment in the popular Battlefield series, and it seems that the game is set to make some changes to previous iterations in the franchise. For one thing, the Battlefield 5 Battle Royale mode, Firestorm, marks a change in direction for the series, as it attempts to keep up with the trends of other shooters.

Despite this, Battlefield 5 will not be following all of today’s trends. Specifically, it seems that it won’t feature anything that resembles a Battlefield Zombies mode. However, DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 5 tick rate will be better than Black Ops 4, so although they won’t be taking influence from the popular Call of Duty game mode, they will be making sure to correct the mistakes Treyarch made in server maintenance for supporting their game.

EA Access is exclusive to Xbox One and PC players, so unfortunately PS4 players can’t reap the benefits of the fact that Battlefield 5 launches early today. However, PS4 players who pre-order the Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition will be able to play from November 15. Although they don’t get quite as long with the game ahead of the official launch as their PC and Xbox One counterparts, there is at least still a way for PS4 players to sink their teeth into Battlefield 5 early.