Box art - Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 PS4 10 Hour Free Trial – Is it Available?

Is there a Battlefield 5 PS4 10 hour free trial? That’s the question on Sony fans’ minds ahead of the next installment in EA’s first-person shooter franchise. It’s not long now until Battlefield 5 is officially out in the world, but do PS4 players get Battlefield 5 Early Access ahead of launch day in some capacity? Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know.

Battlefield 5 PS4 1o Hour Free Trial – What do I Need to Know?

Battlefield 5‘s official release date is Tuesday, November 20. Ahead of that date, gamers will be able to play a demo version of the title from Friday, November 9. The only way you can do so, however, is if you have an EA Access account. You need to have a monethly subscription to the gaming service to access the free trial 11 days prior to the game’s real release, so it might be worth purchasing if you want to play Battlefield 5 early.

Battlefield 5 PS4 10 Hour Free Trial – Is Early Access on PS4?

Unfortunately not. EA Access is a service that is only available on PC or Xbox One. That means that PS4 players, who are also fans of the Battlefield franchise, will have to sit around until November 20 to get their hands on it.

Or do they? An early access edition of Battlefield 5 will actually be available to play from Thursday, November 15 for PS4 owners. To be able to get early access to EA DICE’s game, you’ll need to have pre-ordered the Battlefield 5 Deluxe Edition. If you haven’t ordered the title yet, or if you’ve only pre-purchased the standard edition, you’ll be out of luck again. There’s still time to cancel your current pre-order in a bid to play the game early with your friends though, so it’s a consideration you may want to take into account should you want to take the (early) plunge.