fallout 76 preload

Fallout 76 Preload Now Available on Xbox One

Fallout 76 is out just next week, and all the betas on every platform have now been concluded. Players are now eager to get into the final game, and the quickest way to do that is if they are able to preload the game ahead of time. The official Fallout Twitter feed has just announced that the Fallout 76 preload is now available for any player who’s pre-ordered the game on Xbox One, but only for that console.

The good news is that both PC and PS4 will get the preload option at some point between now and the game’s November 14 launch date. Bethesda confirmed that the preload for these platforms is “coming soon,” although only the Xbox One gets the preload right now. The studio also confirmed that the Xbox One and PS4 betas will not be the full game, so it is safe to remove the Fallout 76 beta from your console. PC users, on the other hand, can keep the beta since that will get updated into the main game. It’s not technically a preload, however.

The Fallout 76 beta was generally a success, but it certainly had major problems that gave fans concerns about the final game, such as possible server exploits. Bethesda made one change while the beta was still in progress, as it locked the PC version’s frame rate to 63 frames per second in order to prevent “speed hacking,” where players could increase their frame rate and move faster.

The studio is making a lot of changes based on feedback from the beta, including increasing stash sizes, adding a push-to-talk function, ultra-widescreen support on PC, and the possibility of text chat. The preload is much better news for the game than yesterday’s stream featuring rapper Logic, Rick and Morty, and Fortnite streamer Ninja. This odd move was widely regarded as a complete trainwreck.

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