PUBG PS4 Release Date and Exclusive Skins Announced

The PUBG PS4 release date has been officially announced by PUBG Corp. The battle royale title is set to drop on Sony’s console on December 7, and it will come with some exclusive cosmetic content for PS4 players to enjoy.

The news was revealed on Polygon after a sit down interview with PUBG Corp. studio head Brian Corrigan. Corrigan explained that a small team had been working on a PS4 port for some time, but that they had held off on its announcement. The reason for this was so that PUBG was fully functional on Xbox One first  after Microsoft had gained console exclusivity rights to the game last year.

“The core of the game has been compiling on PS4 since the beginning of the year, and we put a small team on making sure we kept up the PS4 build on the latest [version of] the other console build,” Corrigan stated. “So as the company has grown and we got some traction on Xbox it was time to move to the PS4 … Once we got Xbox to a place we were happy with, we figured we could focus on a PS4 release too.”

PUBG on PS4 will come with a variety of skins, according to Polygon, including a few from Sony’s video game back catalogue. A skin based on Uncharted protagonist Nathan Drake will be available to pick up as a pre-order bonus. Ellie’s backpack from The Last of Us will also be an add-on if PS4 players buy the title ahead of its release date, as will a PlayStation themed parachute. A special avatar and a PS4 theme of PUBG map Miramar will be part of the pre-order package for players who buy the title digitally too.

PUBG on PS4 will cost gamers $29.99 to buy, and pre-orders for the game are live from November 13.