Bethesda Donates $10,000 in Memory of Young Fallout Fan

After the passing of a young Fallout fan named Wes, developer Bethesda donated $10,000 to his family with condolences. The donation was done without any fanfare and was simply noticed by the community on the 12-year-old’s GoFundMe page.

Comic Book reports the donation was not only listed as coming from the Bethesda Softworks account but also included a short, heartfelt message. You can see the donation by heading to the page and checking the listings from highest to lowest.

“You have been an inspiration to the Fallout community and everyone at Bethesda,” the studio’s comment said. “We will miss you, Wes. #WesStrong forever!”.

Wes was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma at only five years old and had battled the disease most of his life. The GoFundMe was originally set up to help with the expenses involved in the boy’s care.

When Bethesda donated $10,000 this wasn’t the first time the team had given help to the family. When doctors told Wes that they were planning on stopping the treatment, the Fallout fan was worried he wouldn’t get a chance to play Fallout 76 before his time was up.

Bethesda assistant director Matt Grandstaff, alongside other members of the studio, made the four-hour drive from their Maryland headquarters to visit him in Virginia. Not only did they bring a copy of the Power Armor collector’s edition but they also had it signed by Todd Howard himself.

Bethesda has a reputation for helping sick kids. The company regularly gives terminally ill children tours or early access to games often through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Unfortunately, Wes couldn’t keep the game as it was not yet ready for release but he did get to spend that whole day in the desolate West Virginian wasteland. He did, however, get to keep the helmet, which was actually a special prototype.