Fortnite Toys Revealed, Drift Action Figure Among the First Wave

Jazwares’ Fortnite toys have been revealed. An action figure for the Drift skin was shown off my the official Fortnite Twitter account earlier today. Jazwares’ line of Fortnite toys are expected to come out in December 2018.

The Drift figure can be seen in its packaging in @fortnitegame tweet. The skin includes all of Drift’s attire, including his Rift Edge pickaxe, kitsune mask, and stage 5 jacket. Jazwares and Epic Games announced the toy range back in July.

At that time Judd Zebersky, CEO of Jazwares said, described the partnership with Epic Games concerning the Fortnite toys.

“We are thrilled to be part of the Fortnite experience,” he said. “This is more than just an entertainment property with product; it’s a global movement. Our product line will push the boundaries of traditional toys, bringing the digital world to physical product unlike anything fans have ever seen. We are so excited to be going on this journey with Epic Games.”

While nothing more than a tease for the full lineup of toy figures, the Drift figure is a good indication of other figures likely to come out. Other legendary skins like Calamity, Raptor, Valkyrie, and Wild Card are likely along with fan favorites like Beef Boss and Giddy-Up. Hopefully Kevin the Cube will also get a toy from Jazwares.

Fortnite: Battle Royale has grown into an absolute cultural phenomenon since it released in September 2017. The game recently reached over 8.3 million concurrent players, and over 78 million people have played the free-to-play game. Epic Games partnered with Funko Pop to bring Fortnite skins to that line of figurines earlier this year.

Fortnite toys will likely be heavily requested during the holiday season, and Epic wants to make sure there is something for everyone. There’s already Monopoly: Fortnite Edition, Fortnite llama plushes, clothing, costumes, and a whole other line of action figures from McFarlane Toys. Nerf and Epic announced a partnership to launch Fortnite branded Nerf guns in the future.