Grab Games Earlier With Xbox Game Pass Preloading

A much-requested feature is now available with Xbox Game Pass preloading. Gamers who are part of Microsoft’s subscription service for the Xbox One will now be able to download their games in advance of them being accessible on the service.

Previously, preloading of games was strictly reserved for purchased titles. The practice mainly allows gamers to avoid long download times on release day. This is especially important considering how large modern big-budget titles are on the disk and the massive size of some recent day one patches. Gamers are understandably interested in not wanting to wait too long before they can enjoy the games they bought with their hard-earned money. People on metered data connections are also likely to use preloading as they would want to stay under their data cap for the month as often as they can.

Xbox corporate vice president Mike Ybarra stated on Twitter that Xbox Game Pass preloading begins today. It had been a long-requested feature by users of the service. Now you’ll be able to get into the latest and greatest games with a minimum of waiting. Mr. Ybarra specifically highlighted Crackdown 3 being available on Xbox One and Windows PCs.

Crackdown 3 is far from the only interesting title that’s on the subscription service. Recent additions to the service include indie platformer Thomas Was Alone, the delightfully cheesy Agents of Mayhem, and popular battle royale game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. Players certainly have a lot of fine choices for taking advantage of Xbox Game Pass preloading!

The Xbox Game Pass has something for PC gamers, too. The library of games included on the pass is expanding to PC titles. Much like the console, we’re like to see the games on offer rotate in and out and the features to expand as we get further along in the service’s development.

Xbox Game Pass preloading brings a little more value to an already awesome service. You can sign up for it at Microsoft’s website for just $1 for the first month and $9.99/month after that.