Fallout 76 Day One Patch Size Revealed

Players of Bethesda’s newest game might have to clear out some hard drive space now that the Fallout 76 day one patch size has been revealed.

Metro reports that the game’s launch day will include a massive 51 GB patch. This is six gigs larger than the game’s install size of 45 GB.

Big budget titles tend to eat up a good chunk of hard drive space. Red Dead Redemption 2 required over 100 gigabytes of space thanks to two discs jam-packed with content. The Fallout 76 day one patch size is in the same ballpark, bringing the game up to just under 100 gigs of space in total.

Gigantic patches are hardly new in the industry. Most recently, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 had a similarly-large day one patch at a whopping 50 gigs. That particular title’s patch nonetheless remained a few gigabytes below its total install size.

We don’t yet know the specifics of what exactly will be in the patch. The Fallout 76 beta has seen a number of design issues crop up like the lack of push-to-talk and the inability to adjust the field of view. Bugs are no stranger to a Bethesda game, and their latest big budget title has had more than its fair share. Players have reported that they were unable to replenish their hunger meter. Quite a few audio bugs have also soured the experience for prospective wasteland warriors.

What’s worse, the Gamebryo engine has proven itself distressingly vulnerable to malicious users. Speed hacks are just one of the ways that unscrupulous individuals have ruined the game for others. Hackers are a crafty bunch and there are likely to be other undiscovered engine quirks that they’ll be able to abuse. Hopefully, part of the Fallout 76 day one patch size will be dedicated to shoring up some of the holes in so everyone can enjoy the game in a fair fashion.

The most recent (and final) B.E.T.A. session for the game took place on November 8. The Fallout 76 day one patch size is large enough that it’s sure to take most people several hours to download. For the moment, Xbox One gamers can pre-load the game right now.