THQ Nordic Acquires Expeditions Series and the New Entry In Development

THQ Nordic continues its purchasing spree as it has acquired the Expeditions series owned by developer Logic Artists. Expeditions: Viking and Expeditions: Conquistador are turn-based computer role-playing games that released in 2017, and 2013 respectively. A new entry in the series is in development at Logic Artists.

THQ Nordic announced the IP acquisition earlier today, along with confirmation that a third game in the series is coming. Logic Artists subtweeted the news, adding, “We’re super grateful to THQ Nordic for partnering with us to take the Expeditions series to the next level. Can’t wait to show you guys more!” No further information regarding a third game was revealed, but it is likely early in development at Logic Artists.

Expeditions: Conquistador was released in 2013, and sees players in the role of a Spanish conquistador during the early 16th century. The game was supported by a Kickstarter campaign to partially fund development, and was generally well received upon release. Conquistador holds a 77 on Metacritic, and its writing was a point of praise in several reviews. The player party is controlled in a turn-based combat system, as they work to amass gold for the Spanish monarchy while in the New World.

Expeditions: Viking came four years later, in 2017. It takes the gameplay systems from the first title and transports it to the Norse world. Players lead a Viking clan as they build a name for themselves along the shores of England. The game let players decide how they would interact with the world, whether violently or peacefully, and how they would side with various factions within the game. Viking received a 74 on Metacritic, and has been compared to Divinity: Original Sin in terms of depth and quality.

Logic Artists is an independent games studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The team was made up of a less than a dozen during the development of Conquistador, and has remained small since. Their Expeditions series joins recent THQ Nordic acquisitions like Kingdoms of Amalur, Alone in the Dark, and Saints Row.