New Saints Row, TimeSplitters, and Dead Island 2 in the works at THQ Nordic

New Saints Row, TimeSplitters, and Dead Island 2 in the works at THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic has been slowly but surely rolling out new entries in classic franchises. This past E3 saw the publisher reveal three new installments for some of these fan-favorite series. Now, it looks to have three more with a new Saints Row, TimeSplitters, and Dead Island 2 in the works.

THQ Nordic acquired Koch Media last year, which gave the company access to properties such as Saints Row and Dead Island. At around the same time, it also acquired the rights to the TimeSplitters franchise. Now, a recent financial report indicates that new games in these franchises are being developed.

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The new Saints Row game is once again being developed by Volition. While the studio created the Saints Row franchise, Volition mostly focused on other games, such as Agents of Mayhem, for the past few years. Now, it’s finally returning to Saints Row with a new game that the reports stated is “deep in development.”

As for the Dead Island 2, the report confirms that despite all the setbacks it’s encountered, the game is still in development. After bouncing in between different developers under Koch Media, Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios is now leading development on it. Will the game finally see the light of day? Here’s hoping that Dambuster and THQ Nordic can finally put out a game that lives up to the promise of the original E3 2014 trailer.

In regards to a new TimeSplitters, the report states that series co-creator Steve Ellis has joined THQ Nordic to help “plot the future of course of the series.” Unlike the previous two games mentioned here, it doesn’t seem that any actual development work has started on a new TimeSplitters. However, considering that Ellis once stated that he didn’t think that a new TimeSplitters would ever be released, this does sound like good news for fans of the series.

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