Darksiders Genesis Diablo style spin-off announced by THQ Nordic

The rumors were true after all. THQ Nordic has announced a new Darksiders spin-off title. The new Darksiders Genesis Diablo-style spin-off takes the franchise’s post-apocalyptic setting and mixes it with the top-down view and action of Blizzard’s classic dark fantasy RPG.

A couple of weeks ago, a rumor popped up that THQ Nordic was announcing a new Darksiders title. The rumor, based on details from the failed 8chan AMA that the company hosted earlier this year, even got the title of the game right.

Of course, most fans were likely not expecting a top-down RPG in the vein of Blizzard’s Diablo. Our own conjecture was that a proper mainline Darksiders game was coming, based on the fact that Darksiders 3 had most likely hit the sales target THQ Nordic had set in order for a sequel to be greenlit.

The announcement trailer for Darksiders Genesis introduces a new Horseman of the Apocalypse named Strife with a short cinematic. After that, the video shows off some gameplay featuring the new overhead perspective.

In addition to this, the gameplay also shows off War, the protagonist of the first game, getting in on the action. This could be a hint that cooperative play will be part of the game. Cooperative play has been one of the big selling points of Blizzard’s Diablo games. With Darksiders Genesis seemingly borrowing a lot from those games, it seem only natural that it would have co-op too.

The trailer did not reveal any further details about the game aside from its platforms. As some would expect, Darksiders Genesis is coming to PC as well as consoles such as the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch. More importantly, the game will also be coming to Google’s upcoming Stadia cloud gaming service, making it one of the first games announced for it.

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