New Darksiders rumored to be revealed at E3

Recently, news surfaced that THQ Nordic has a number of unannounced games in development. Now, rumors are pointing to one of these unannounced titles being a new Darksiders game.

According to an email from THQ Nordic, the company will have two of these unannounced titles at E3 2019. Specifically, they plan to reveal these games on June 10.

The company is touting that one of these games as a “long-awaited return of a galactically beloved game/franchise.” They refer to the second game on the other hand as a “new vision of a beloved game/franchise.”

Prior to all this however, THQ Nordic hosted an ill-fated attempt at an AMA on 8chan. During the AMA, someone posted a list of possible games planned for reveal at E3 2019. Twitter user Afro Gear shared a screenshot of the list. One of the games included in said list is titled Darksiders: Genesis.

Now, THQ Nordic has talked about a fourth Darksiders game before. Specifically, the developers stated that they would make one if Darksiders 3 sold over 100,000 copies. Back in December, the latter had already sold over 71,000 copies on Steam alone. We speculated that, with both console, and physical retail PC sales counted, Darksiders 3 had already sold enough for a sequel to be greenlit.

Of course, the screenshot from the AMA lists other games that could fit the bill for the two games to be revealed at E3. Included among these is a new Destroy All Humans game. Indeed, the “galactically beloved” franchise the listing refers to could be this.

Additionally, the list also has other classic IPs such as Desperados and Monster Jam, though it could be argued that neither are as beloved as Darksiders. More importantly, the “Genesis” part of the game’s supposed title could hint at it being a “new vision” of the franchise as the listing states. Previous Darksiders games took place after the Christian Apocalypse, after all. The term “Genesis” on the other hand comes from first book of the Bible, the opposite of the Book of Revelations which details a vision of said Apocalypse.