Darksiders 4 Likely After Darksiders 3 Sales

If current sales statistics are correct it seems that we’ll be seeing another addition to Gunfire Games’ apocalyptic horse-person stories. These numbers make Darksiders 4 likely especially based on previous comments by the company’s CEO.

Power Up Gaming explains that comments made by the company indicated that if Darksiders 3 managed to sell 100,000 copies then the developer might look into making a Darksiders 4.

The full sales figures for Darksiders 3 remain unknown, but reports say that the game has passed 71,000 copies sold on Steam alone. When you consider this doesn’t factor in any console or physical sales it seems reasonable to assume that if Darksiders 3 hasn’t hit its sales target yet, it will in the future making a Darksiders 4 likely in the scheme of things.

Of course, this still isn’t a guarantee that Darksiders 4 will get made. The CEO only said they would look into it, and if a different opportunity presents itself, we may not see Strife for a long while yet, if at all.

If you’re familiar with the more traditional horsemen of the apocalypse, you’ll be forgiven for not recognizing the latest protagonist Fury. She takes on the role of Famine, a starving people probably wasn’t as fun a game mechanic as hacking and slashing apocalyptic monsters with fiery, bladed whips. The next in the series in the Darksiders universe is Strife, who takes over the role of Pestilence or Conquest from mythology. He can be seen briefly in Darksiders 3.

However, reviews were quite mixed, including our own which didn’t find many likable qualities within its buggy depths. These mixed reviews didn’t seem to bother publisher THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors either, who is happy with Darksiders 3 regardless of what critics think. The publisher has also recently revealed it has 35 games currently in development and with these sales figures, Darksiders 4 could be number 36.