THQ Nordic has 48 unannounced games in development

Famed publisher THQ Nordic has 48 unannounced games currently in development. With a whopping 80 titles in development at the end of the last quarter, THQ Nordic is in for a big few years ahead. After working to acquire game licenses and studios, the company now has an astonishing catalog of projects across its partners and subsidiaries.

The news was released in a financial report documenting THQ Nordic’s successes in the last quarter. The report revealed that Metro Exodus provided unsurprising growth for the company, writing that it was “the largest game launch so far in the history of the Group.” Overall profits seemed to increase dramatically versus this quarter of 2018.

That said, the most interesting bit of news came in under their business areas header:

“During the period we signed multiple new projects, among them a new development agreement with 4A Games, the developers of the Metro franchise, for their upcoming, still undisclosed, AAA-project. By the end of the quarter, THQ Nordic, Deep Silver and Coffee Stain had 80 games in development, of which 48 titles are currently unannounced.”

Not only does THQ Nordic have 80 games in its pocket, but 48 of them remain tantalizingly mysterious. On top of that, the developers will be working with 4A games to develop a new AAA-project, also unnamed at this time. The sheer number of THQ Nordic’s game acquisitions leave the door wide open for the possibilities of these 48 mystery games. And recently, those acquisitions got even larger.

THQ Nordic announced that it has acquired the Piranha Bytes team. With that acquisition comes the trademarks for the Gothic, Risen, and Elex IPs. THQ Nordic has no plans to change the team structure, so players can expect the same unique RPG experiences Piranha Bytes is known for, just with additional support from THQ. Whether any of the Piranha Bytes games are part of the 48 mystery titles is unknown. That said, if all continues to go well for them, we’ll have a lot of THQ Nordic announcements to look forward to in the coming years.