Netflix Narcos Video Game Revealed, Coming Next Year

Curve Digital revealed its strategy game based on Netflix‘s Narcos TV series. The Narcos video game, officially titled Narcos: Rise of the Cartels, is a turn-based strategy game being developed by Kuju Entertainment. The game sees players in the role of either the cartels or DEA agents, fighting to maintain dominance over the other. Curve Digital and Netflix announced the video game earlier this year.

The Narcos video game will release on PC and consoles in the third quarter of 2019, having been delayed from its original spring window. Rise of the Cartels follows the events of the first three seasons of Narcos, and sees players leading a drug cartel or DEA agents. Not much is known about the game beyond that it will be a “brutal, turn-based action strategy game.”

The Narcos TV series is set in Colombia during, and after, drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s reign. The Netflix show focuses on Escobar’s interactions with other drug lords, and agents of the United States DEA until the third season. The third season is set after Escobar’s fall from power, and continued to follow DEA agents as they dealt with the Cali Cartel. A fourth season, releasing November 16, 2018, is set in Mexico during the 1980s.

Curve Digital is a British video game publisher that has published games like Human: Fall Flat, Bomber Crew, For The King, and The Flame in the Flood. The publisher was founded in 2005, and have also developed titles including Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones. Kuju Entertainment was founded in 1998, and has two studios based in the United Kingdom. Headstrong Games has developed titles including the Art Academy games and Battalion Wars. Zoë Mode has developed a range of Kinect Zumba titles, and its most recent original game is 2013’s Powerstar Golf for the Xbox One. There was no indication on which studio, or if it was a combination of studios, is developing Narcos: Rise of the Cartels.