Omno Is a Gorgeous New Indie Adventure Game Developed by One Person

Omno is an upcoming adventure game being developed by Jonas Manke, who worked on the State of Decay series. The “atmospheric exploration and puzzle adventure” is currently on Kickstarter, and has surpassed it’s €32,000 (roughly $36,280) goal with 18 days to go. Manke has been developing the game for two years, and has spent the last eight months working full-time on the project.

Omno is a third-person puzzle platforming that takes place in an imaginative, stylized world. The single-player adventure has players traveling the world discovering the secrets of a lost civilization. The player character wields a staff-like tool, and has a companion character that travels with them.

Your staff can be used to attack enemies, “stomp” interact with the world, activate magic portals, dash, float from high places, and as a sort of snowboard to traverse the world. Manke plans to release the game on Steam by the end of 2019, and is interested in porting the game to consoles with proper funding. According to Manke, Omno‘s core mechanics and worlds are functionally complete, and require polish, additional creatures, and “more love.”

Composer Benedict Nichols created the music for the game’s official trailer, and is planned to create the soundtrack for the full game. Omno had been a late night, solo development effort until Manke went full time on the project in March. Manke is a German animator and artist, having worked on a variety of feature length movies, and video games like State of Decay and Risen 2. He is developing Omno in Unreal Engine, and released a short gameplay trailer alongside the official reveal trailer.

Omno is over 175 percent funded at the time of this writing, which has pushed the game into stretch goal territory. Stretch goals including a “Downhill Time Trial” and “Flora-Fauna Plus” have already been funded, and more goals will be achieved in the next 18 days. Check it out over on Kickstarter, or on the game’s official website.