Fallout 76 Players Crashed Server Using Nukes

It seems that Fallout 76 players crashed their server by coordinating and then launching multiple nukes at once. They reportedly did so in an effort to see if they could trigger any new in-game events.

VGR explains the group behind the server crash was also the first to discover the end game boss Scorchbeast Queen after launching a nuke at a Fissure Site. This event unleashed what was possibly the most powerful enemy discovered in Fallout 76 so far and seemed to encourage this group of players to hunt for more content.

Their efforts led them to launch three nukes all from different locations on the map but targeting the same point. Unfortunately, instead of triggering another boss or some other piece of intended game content, these Fallout 76 players crashed the server. Or it certainly seems that way, at least.

All players were disconnected once the nukes hit their targets. There’s a chance that this could have been a coincidence and the game may have crashed for unrelated reasons, which isn’t too suprising. However, it seems fairly safe to say that if you decide to launch multiple nukes at during your wasteland adventures the game might just kick you out.

Finding and launching a nuke isn’t an easy task. This is a late game activity meant for dedicated players. It seems unlikely that you’ll encounter multiple nukes launching without either some serious coordination or terrible luck.

It also seems likely that Bethesda didn’t expect to have to deal with this kind of player activity—at least not so soon. With Fallout 76 only launching less than a week ago, it seems a bit early for multiple nuclear explosions. Perhaps as players put more hours in and nukes become a potentially more common occurrence, servers will be adjusted to handle the load of multiple explosions.