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Fallout 76 Server Not Responding – Are The Servers Down?

Is Fallout 76 down today, November 19? Players around the world, no matter whether they’re playing on Xbox One, PC, or PS4, are all getting “Disconnected from Server” errors. Below, we’ll look at why that’s the case and whether they’ll be back up in time for you to have another go in the wastelands of Appalachia anytime soon.

Fallout 76 Disconnected from Server – Is Fallout 76 Down? (November 19)

Unfortunately, yes, yes it is. Bethesda has announced on Twitter that the entire game’s servers will be down to undergo crucial maintenance at 6 AM Pacific/9 AM Eastern/2 PM GMT. This is so the first major patch for Fallout 76 can be rolled out to fix a whole host of bugs that have been discovered upon launch.

While we don’t know exactly what that will fix as of yet, here’s hoping we’ll get something for the Kill Evan quest bug, as well as the broken Bureau of Tourism quest. The main thing, though, is when you’ll be able to get playing again. The good news is you surely won’t be waiting around very long…

When Will the Fallout 76 Servers Be Back Up?

Bethesda has not given a confirmed end date for when we can expect the Fallout 76 servers to go back up, nor when the Disconnected from Server errors will go away. However, the time window (early in the U.S. and at non-peak times in the U.K.) would indicate that things will be good to go again long before the Eastern seaboard stops for lunch.

It may be wise to look elsewhere for a rough guideline, at least until we get official word from the studio. Destiny 2, for example, rarely has maintenance lasting for longer than 30-45 minutes; both are MMO games involving massive studios, so you’d imagine that we’re looking at (roughly) the same duration for Fallout 76 maintenance to complete.

If that rings true, expect the Fallout 76 servers to go up at, potentially, 7 AM Pacific/10 AM Eastern/3 PM GMT but, of course, stick with GameRevolution for any further updates, as well as the Fallout Twitter feed.

Original Story (November 14): Widespread reports of the Fallout 76 server not responding have surfaced online, implying that the Fallout 76 servers are down. It appears that when players select the “Play” option, they receive an error that simply reads “Disconnected from Server.” Even after multiple attempts to reconnect, the Fallout 76 server continues to be unresponsive. Here’s everything we know about how to connect to Fallout 76 when you get a “Disconnected from Server” error.

Fallout 76 Server Not Responding – Are The Servers Down?

Reports of the Fallout 76 server not responding have been surfacing all over the globe, as shown by this Fallout 76 server outage report that features feedback from Denmark, the UK, and the USA in the last 10 minutes alone. All of the people seem to be affected by the “Disconnected from Server” error, as over 90% of the reports are tied to server issues specifically.

The Fallout 76 servers crashed yesterday, too, to which Bethesda was quick to respond on the official Fallout Twitter account:

Although Bethesda went on to report that the servers were fixed, which they were (temporarily), the Fallout 76 servers are down again today.

If you receive a “Disconnected from Server” error code in Fallout 76, you can attempt to reconnect. Some players have reported that continuously pressing play will eventually get them in, as it seems that the Fallout 76 server issues could be directly tied to overpopulated servers. However, if this doesn’t work, all you can do is wait for Bethesda to intervene and fix the problem. Bethesda was quick to action yesterday, so it is likely that the same will be the case today; however, it seems that the server fixes so far have only been temporarily helpful. It is likely that Bethesda will need to come up with a more long-term solution in the near future.