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Fallout 76 Kill Evan Quest Bugged – How to Fix

Fallout 76 is now out in the wild, and it’s such a massive game it’s understandable players are encountering some extreme bugs, and we’re not talking about the radroaches. Trophy bugs may be annoying, but they’re not as bad as being unable to finish a major mission. The Fallout 76 Kill Evan quest seems to be doing just that.

This quest is a major mission in the game, the finale to the “Personal Matters” questline, and it’s causing problems for a lot of players. Is it bugged? Is there a fix on the way? Is there a temporary workaround to help players complete the mission? We’ve got the answers, but be warned, it may be a bit of a struggle to get this one working.

Is the Fallout 76 Kill Evan Quest Bugged?

Unfortunately, yes, it seems so. Multiple players have reported, both on the game’s official Bethesda forum and on Reddit, that they have encountered a bug which prevents them from finishing this crucial quest. As the mission title suggests, the goal is to Kill Evan, who is a ghoul found in a building in Mount Blair, to the south of the map.

However, players are finding when they get there that Evan is already dead. The quest marker continues to point to him, but since he’s already definitely deceased, there is no way to kill him and complete the quest, or the Personal Matters storyline. Considering this is a mission that began right at the beginning of the game and spans the length of the map, it’s understandable that players are upset.

How to Fix the Fallout 76 Kill Evan Quest

Fallout 76 Evan

At the moment there is no official fix for the Kill Evan quest bug. Presumably Bethesda is working on various patches for Fallout 76, but as the game has just launched, and contains issues which actually stop people from being able to play it at all, there’s no guarantee that a patch for this specific quest bug will be available any time soon.

Luckily there is a workaround, although we’re hesitant to call it a full “fix.” The bug seems to be caused, rather frustratingly, by another player getting to Evan and killing him first. The server simply isn’t resetting him soon enough, which is why some players can complete the quest fine, and others are left with this bug.

There are two possible fixes. The first is to just wait around and hope that Evan will reset, and that you’ll get to him before another player does. This one doesn’t always work, or it may take a very long time. The alternative is to exit to the Fallout 76 main menu and reload the game, which should put you on another server where Evan is still alive. This isn’t guaranteed however, as you’re just as likely to get a server with him dead. You may have to do this a few times, but hopefully you’ll eventually find Evan the Ghoul alive and well… so you can murder him yourself, probably passing on the bug to another player in the process.

What is the Fallout 76 Kill Evan Quest?

Fallout 76 Vault 76

The Fallout 76 Kill Evan quest is the final mission in the “Personal Matters” quest line. These are the missions given to you by the Vault 76 Overseer, and form the main storyline of Fallout 76. Spoilers ahead, but then you’re reading this so you’ve probably got to this point in the quest anyway.

Evan was the fiancé of the Vault 76 Overseer. After she left the Vault, she went looking for Evan all over West Virginia, and left her holotapes for you to find, chronicling her findings and her memories. Unfortunately, she found out he’d be turned into a ghoul, but was unwilling to kill him, so she locked him in the basement. She begs you to put Evan out of his misery. Well, we would if the guy wasn’t already dead.

How to Get the Kill Evan Quest

The Personal Matters quest line is the first set of story missions you get in Fallout 76, so it should be the first thing you pick up when you leave the Vault, as part of the Reclamation Day mission. The mission takes you all over the map, from down to Flathills, up to Morgantown, and then finally all the way down south to Welch. After you find and play the holotape in Welch, you’ll be given the final location of Mount Blair. Head there, play the holotape, and you’ll get the last quest: Kill Evan.