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Fallout 76 Achievement and Trophy Unlock Bug – How to Fix

Some Fallout 76 players have become aggrieved that a Fallout 76 achievement and trophy unlock bug is affecting their potential 100% completion of the game. A number of players in Bethesda’s online multiplayer cannot get Microsoft’s or Sony’s in-built reward system to pop in the full release. Is there a way to fix the problem and ensure that you get credited for them?

What is the Issue with the Fallout 76 Achievement and Trophy Unlock Bug?

It seems that some players are unable to get achievements or trophies to pop if they’ve already played Fallout 76 in some format. That format will, naturally, have come from taking part in the game’s beta in late October.

Some players were able to get achievements and trophies in the beta version, but have bemoaned the fact that they don’t show up as being completed in the full release. Given that Bethesda said that all content, characters, and other information from the beta would carry over, this is unfortunate for some players. Is there a fix to get the achievements or trophies to show up in your profile then?

How to Fix the Fallout 76 Achievement and Trophy Unlock Bug

According to Bethesda Softworks vice-president Pete Hines, the company are aware of the issue but insist that it isn’t a bug that can be fixed in some instances. Hines took to his personal Twitter account on launch day to address concerns about the issue.

He explained that, if someone had earned an achievement or trophy for building a C.A.M.P or crafting a weapon, then either of those should already be unlocked on your platform. However, Hines also stated that players would need to create a new character and re-do any quests or missions if they wanted those achievements or trophies to be unlocked. This particular response won’t be please everyone but, if you want to complete Fallout 76 fully, then this seems to be your only option.