Here’s Why Ashe’s Aim in Overwatch Feels ‘Off’

Ashe is the latest Overwatch hero to be added to the game, bringing a brand new damage-dealer to the FPS. The character has been well-received by fans, though many have noted that something feels a little “off” about her aim. When aiming down sights, it often feels as though shots that should connect with enemies instead fly past them. Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan has now confirmed that players were right to question Ashe’s dubious gun-slinging skills, and that it’s a problem that is actively being addressed by the game’s developers.

In a post on the competitive Overwatch subreddit, Kaplan explained the reasons behind Ashe’s wonky aim. “Currently, if you play Ashe on PC and have higher than 60 fps, the aim down site (ADS) animation can look choppy or “stepped”,” Kaplan wrote. “There is no lag going on. The ADS still happens at the correct speed. But the animation looks can feel a bit off.”

He added: “In an upcoming patch, the ADS is smoothed out regardless of how high your fps is and should feel much better.”

Kaplan went on to note that the issue is fixed in the Overwatch update 1.32, while the PTR is currently on the 1.31 update. Blizzard is looking to pull the fix forward, though Kaplan stated that it still “needs a fair amount of testing.”

This means that the update is unlikely to be introduced in the next couple of weeks, though it’s still not too far away considering it’s in the next PTR update. It also means that this problem is only limited to PC players, so if you feel like you’ve been missing shots on the PS4 or Xbox One… well, that’s on you.

Kaplan’s confirmation that this is an animation issue rather than a lag issue at least indicates that players’ shots are working as intended, even if the action that appears to take place on-screen doesn’t quite match up. Hopefully, Blizzard will deploy this change sooner rather than later, as players will be hoping that Ashe is up to scratch when the hero is deployed in the Overwatch competitive mode.