Twitchcon Europe Coming To Berlin in 2019

Millions of people watch video game steamers every day and TwitchCon has become a yearly ritual for some of the more devoted fans. The brand is now heading overseas with the announcement of TwitchCon Europe, the first expansion for the streaming site’s real-world convention.

TwitchCon is a yearly event that most recently took place in San Jose, California. The convention is focused on the streaming website Twitch and features content creators and fans coming together for panels and other fun events.

First launched in 2015, the convention has been held in a different Californian location every year. Now the convention is set to be expanded in 2019 with TwitchCon Europe in Berlin, Germany. The announcement was made via a tweet on the convention’s official account.

The inaugural TwitchCon Europe will be taking place on April 13 and April 14, 2019, at CityCube Berlin according to the convention’s website. An F.A.Q. has additional details about what future attendees can expect. TwitchCon Europe will be a trilingual experience – the showrunners will be creating content in English, German, and French for its inaugural run.

Unfortunately, the details we have are far outnumbered by the details we don’t have. We’re still a good five months or so away from the first TwitchCon Europe and we don’t yet know some of the more critical details. Ticket prices (as well as when and where you’ll be able to buy them) haven’t yet been announced. Potential guests, panels, and events are still being sorted out and will be announced at a later date.

There is one thing that we can be certain of, though. Those who may be worried that they’ll have to book an overseas flight can breathe a sigh of relief: TwitchCon Europe will not be a replacement for the core TwitchCon experience in America.

European fans will soon be able to enjoy the same kind of TwitchCon experience as their compatriots in America. Keep your eyes open for more details on TwitchCon Europe in the coming weeks and months. It’s set to kick off in Berlin, Germany on April 13, 2019.