Xbox Gamerscore World Record Now Stands at Two Million

Getting a high Gamerscore isn’t an easy task. It requires earning tough achievements, putting in long gaming sessions and hours of your life. So it’s only more amazing that someone has put in enough time as to where the Xbox Gamerscore world record now currently stands at two million.

Ray Cox, who goes by the name of Stallion83 online, is already known as the first person who reached a Gamerscore total of over one million. On Wednesday, Cox doubled that number after playing through Halo: The Master Chief Collection, specifically Halo 2. Check out the moment he reached the milestone number:

“I’ve been searching for a proper achievement title (to play as he hits the two million points mark) for weeks and I just couldn’t find anything,” he said to Guinness World Records in an interview. “Halo is my favorite franchise so when I fired it up while searching for a game, it hit me that it should be the game I use.”

Cox has been working towards this extraordinary goal for some time. His first achievement was obtained the day the Xbox 360 launched, scoring 5 points for the Cluster Buster achievement on Hexic HD, which was bundled with the console. Those five points eventually became one million by 2014.

Microsoft has been with him the entire way. Cox was given a lifetime Xbox Live Gold membership after breaking the one million mark. For the two million milestone, they awarded him a customized Xbox One controller with “2,000,000 G” engraved on the front.

So will Cox be going for the even greater goal of a gamerscore of three million? He didn’t commit, but did reaffirm his love for video games.

“This I don’t know,” he told Guinness World Records. “Two million has taken 13 years now. I got my first achievement on 22 November 2005. So, I did the 2 million almost 13 years to the day. I’ll always love video games and achievements and I’ll always be playing and going for them.”