Smash Bros Ultimate Spoilers Are Leaking Everywhere as Retailers Break Street Date

Super Smash Bros Ultimate spoilers are everywhere online. The game is still two weeks away, but some people have acquired physical copies of the game. New information from the game’s single-player modes, music tracks, and more have been leaked onto the internet. But rest assured: Smash Bros Ultimate spoilers won’t be in this post. [Editor’s note: Mario and Link are in the game. – Michael Leri]

Some brick-and-mortar stores have been selling the hotly anticipated Smash Ultimate to eager fan ahead of the game’s official release date. Physical copies in the wild before a game’s release can only mean one thing: spoilers, and lots of them. While much of the Smash Bros Ultimate package was known, there are still a lot of little surprises that could be spoiled for sensitive fans. Reddit and ResetEra have dedicated spoiler threads, so if you aren’t trying to savor the game’s secrets, you can head there to learn more about it.

Images of the game’s physical case, menu, character select screen, and more have been posted online. The game’s music tracks have also begun to spread, with YouTube playlists of all the game’s old and new music being updated frequently. The game’s World of Light single-player mode has seen thorough spoilers of bosses, spirit fights, and spirits. If you want to see everything that’s been leaked out, the above threads are a great place to start.

Reports started springing up yesterday that people were getting their hands on physical copies of the game. It’s now only a matter of time before the game is ripped and pirated. Don’t be surprised if you see Smash Bros Ultimate running on Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator.

Nintendo released a Smash Bros overview trailer yesterday. The trailer features the game’s announcer explaining how the game works, and generally having a fun time with everything. Another recent trailer became a fan favorite when people realized that it worked with a variety of different songs.